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Our policy

Baker Tilly Japan has the following policies, based on the commitments of Baker Tilly International and having the aim of providing transparent services:

  • To lead by example
  • To deliver quality service with an emphasis on integrity
  • To be open and honest in all communications
  • To act ethically
  • To foster teamwork and collaboration with other member firms
  • To maintain a supportive environment in which individuals can flourish

These commitments shared by all in the Baker Tilly International Group are norms that show what we do and how we do things, and serve as the basis for a consistent approach in providing services worldwide.

Our vision

The vision of Baker Tilly Japan is to be widely recognized by globally active corporations broadly as a member of a closely coordinated, highly sophisticated, and proactive accounting network. With a deep understanding of this vision, we enhance member firms’ quality, broad intellectual capacity, talents, special area expertise, integrity, and resourcefulness.

Furthermore, by cooperating with one another, we create market advantages in uniqueness, sustainability, and competitiveness.